Jul 312012

Rainy day today but on the good side of things we were able to go into the lift lock in Peterborough.  I knew it was an engineering feat for its day but I didn’t expect the feeling that went with it. Being in the tub gave you a strange feeling.  I can’t explain what that feeling is though.  Going up 65 ft in the air in a giant bathtub overlooking the landscape was pure euphoria.  You have to put this adventure on your bucket list.

The rain started up heavily after the lift lock to the point that we sent the kids downstairs to video games.  Scott and I did the tough locking through part.  I must say that my makeshift “window” to replace the lost panel worked pretty well.  It won’t stand up to winds but it got us through the day.

The kids can collect wildlife cards and stickers to complete a Trent Severn Waterway sheet which they both have only a couple stickers left to get.  You get those at the lock stations from the lock masters.  It makes the locking through fun for them too.  Apparently they say this is the last year for these items.  Cutbacks and such.  The also snagged posters of frogs, turtles and snakes for their bedroom walls.  Great for a couple of science geeks.

We locked through to Lakefield at lock 26 and now we sit on the wall.  The rain and lightning that stopped us, due to the locks being shut down, has finally stopped.  A trip to town for ice cream and some milk and we are good for the night.

Tomorrow the toilet parts come into Bobgaygeon but we are looking at a stop in Buckhorn. Weather looks good too.

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