Oct 132011



The sun sets a little earlier these days.  Longer nights means that Conductance will be resting for about 6 months on the shores of the Niagara River, laid up on some scraps of wood while wearing a tight white raincoat to keep winter at bay.  Resting peacefully and looking forward to the day when the tulips and daffodils awaken, the ice is gone from the river and she can start those engines again.

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Aug 272011


Last weekend we went, just the two of us, to Dunkirk, NY.  We had a great time in a little marina that had everything we need.  The waves and rollers were pretty bad on Lake Erie on Sunday and Monday morning so we did some much needed chores on the boat.

Scott and I ran a HDMI cable from the cockpit to the receiver.  Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it?  Well after Scott took apart most of the aft cabin area he thought about putting it through the dashboard.  So that afternoon we spent 3 hours with our hands in places that were too small for our hands and ran that darn cable.  It’s in and now we have TV on deck.  I’m seeing outdoor dock party movies on the horizon.  But Scott had to put that cabin back together.  I wonder what all the extra screws are for?

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Jul 272011

This past weekend we found ourselves at a little gem of a place in Lockport, NY.

Along the New York Canal System there are 57 locks that carry you from Albany to Tonawanda that both lock up and lock down.

At locks 34 and 35 you will find Lockport, NY.  This is where the two locks climb the escarpment.  We found a little cove right beside lock 35 and stayed there for the night.  We were able to top up our water supply, enjoy breakfast and the sights rich in history.  We stayed for just one night and hoped that we would share this spot once again.

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