May 252014

After her launch from Smith Boys on Tonawanda Island we decided to stop overnight at Tonawanda Gateway Park to get supplies. Groceries and some incidentals, like beer. You know us Canadians and our beer!! It was a cold one for sure. Had the heat on.

On Saturday we headed over to Beaver Island Marina for the weekend. Conductance started up no problem. Love her mechanic/Captain. He always knows what she needs to keep her going after 6 months in storage. We found out that our favourite spot in the marina at Beaver Island had been taken by a seasonal occupant. Darn. We managed to find a small dock with a centre post between slips that we could tie off. So once that was figured out we were all set. Aiden was happy to see all his friends from the Island and made a couple new ones. Young fellas about his age. The rest are all girls so this is a treat. We spent the weekend recounting all our winter stories about blizzards, work, family, life with our ole friends and the kids spent their time catching millions of minnows. Some sun even made an appearance. Love the campfires that we have here. It’s the only place around this area on the Upper Niagara River that you can have campfires, every night if you want. It was this weekend that we decided to take out a seasonal slip here. We won’t be here full time but at least we will have a home.

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May 222014

After a winter like that one I started to wonder if we would ever be on the boat again. The ice just left the river about 2 weeks ago with a few straggler left from Lake Erie thawing. We missed Victoria Day cause we were not in yet so Memorial Day here we come. Our plan is to stop over at Tonawanda Gateway Park then head over to Beaver Island State Park marina on Grand Island.

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