Dec 152016

Times are a changing…..As we prepare to move along the path of the Great Loop “stuff” must be done.  Oil change is complete, filters and just overall maintenance has to be done and now the upgrading of the technology is a must.  One of the electronics we use, the Searay Navigator, is on its way out.  It may be the last one standing anywhere on any Searay since Scott doctored it many times.  Moving into The Gulf and ocean we feel its time to address this issue.  So we went to the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show for options and settled on the Simrad and Mercury upgrade for the engines.  Hope it’s as easy an install as Scott gets ready to put that new baby in the dash.  I’ll have to post pics of the work after the install.

Continual changes with work make the start of this portion a bit of a mystery.  We are waiting for the opportunity to have a few weeks together to move.  Stay tuned.  Now that Aiden is in high school bringing him along when school is in session is out of the question.  So he will not do the complete loop.  Secretly I think he’s happy with that.

We will say goodbye to covered slips, clean fresh water, and the many friends we’ve made in the Nashville area and welcome salt water, sun and open seas.

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