Oct 132013

The boaters from a neighbouring marina have a rendezvous in Middleport every year and we joined in.  It was great fun but as most of you know we are the ones who are the first to turn in for the night and the first ones up in the morning.  A little rain didn’t damper the spirits of this last hurrah as we huddled under a tent until we were soaked.  Didn’t matter……………it was all good fall fun!


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Oct 122013

We decided to head to Albion for our destination for Thanksgiving.  Taking my mom on the journey proved to be a good time.  Aiden and Mom played spoons while Scott drove.  There were a lot of giggles going on.  While in Albion Aiden got out his truck and drove till the batteries were worn out, then a recharge and back at it.  Some ramps were built to make the truck even more exciting.



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Oct 112013

We stopped in Medina for one night of the trip.  Cute little town but not much open.  Met a fellow who had a “barge” to live in during the summer months on the canal.  He was heading back to Florida for the winter and had another boat that he lives on down there.  We had to stop and think about that idea!


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