Sep 192011

I didn’t know until our friends from Apt Sea II let us know that the Hudson River was hit by Irene pretty dramatically.  Some businesses are devastated and the locks that we passed through are inoperable due to high intense flooding.  Locks from Lock 2 in Albany through to 22, just before Oswego, are no longer available. 

Here are youtube videos of the devastation.

This is the “Yacht Club” we stayed at that had the pool.  Our boat was tied just out of frame of this video on the left.

That little arch spillway area is just in front of the boat, a bit to the right of the frame.

At the very beginning of this video you see four small white buildings.  They are the lockmaster’s buildings at the beginning of the lock and at the end of the lock.  Note  that they are totally underwater and that the locks are no where to be seen.  They are just to the left of the bridge.

Lockmaster building

Never underestimate the power of water.

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