Jun 012014

When we decided to take out a seasonal slip we wondered if we would ever stay in one place. Well for the month of June that became the norm. Scott decided to install a davit system with a tender. Purchasing the davit from a company in New Jersey, they stated that it was to be a perfect fit and easily installed on our specific boat. The other boaters from Sea Ray said that the company was reputable. We ordered the davit system in February in hopes that it would be here in May so that Scott could install the new bling to the swim platform. As it turns out, it was late and it arrived in June. Upon looking at the pieces sent Scott quickly realized that it was no way a “perfect fit” for our boat. That began with countless hours on his part to re-engineer the entire system. Thank goodness for friends that lived on the island. Scott couldn’t have done the cutting and welding of the stainless brackets without Warren’s help and tools. The entire project spanned over two full, hard work weekends while at Beaver Island. He didn’t stop until it was done. Scott had called the company and asked what they had done to be told that they were not sure of measurements, so they “winged it”. How you “wing” something like this is beyond me. They even had the gumption to ask that once he had all the measurements and figures and had it in place if he would mind sending those figures to them. All this for a “perfect fit”.

The best part about staying here are all the kids. Aiden had so many to play with dawn till after campfire. Rarely saw him the entire days there.


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