Jul 092012

Pottahawk ends with a bang or should I say several crunches.

At Approx. 1:30 AM, a boater decided to leave, crossing the path of our anchor line.

The anchor line was severed and we were set adrift in what felt like an eternity of mayhem.  We ended up aground on a sand bar while crashing up against several other boaters.  Most nightmares you wake up afterwards, but unfortunately we were woke up prior to the nightmare.

Many thanks to my very strong, fit crew (with the help of others) who were able to push the nose forward of a 24,000 pound boat in high seas and allow us to power off the sand bar.

Also, thanks to the people and facilities at MacDonald’s Turkey Point Marina for their hospitality in patching us up and getting us on our way the next day.



In remembrance of our faithful watertoy that along with some other things did not survive the ordeal.



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Jun 052012

We managed to get away for the entire weekend.  What a way to celebrate!!!  Leaving at around 8:00 pm to go to dinner at the GNYC in Chippawa with clouds and a few scatters of rain we arrive to a vacant dock with some party goers at the club.  We even had time for a bevy.

Rain during the night and drizzle on Saturday morning and we realized we forgot the camera.  We then headed off to Tonawanda to our favourite little spot along the Erie Canal.  Scott and I washed the upper deck and cleaned windows.  Met some fellow boaters that we have seen but never met and realized they were more seasoned at the party than ourselves.  Besides I can’t drink, or eat, for that matter.  The sun was out by 3:00 on Saturday.  The boys decided they were going to make a homemade cake for me for my birthday and of course there were gifts to open.  No one is more excited than me to receive a new toaster and cast iron frying pan.  Love the bike shorts too!!!  The cake was Yummy!!! Early to bed!!

Sunday we woke to drizzle, rain and more rain.  On the plus side we found out that there was a “Boat Blessing” at 2:00 with an antique fire boat coming into the entrance to the harbour for a big show.  So we gathered up our lines and fenders and off we went to watch the spray with about 30 other boats.  Then the parade into the harbour to be blessed.  Mom will be so pleased that the boat has now been blessed.  Scott and I are surprised that she didn’t start up in flames.  We stopped at our spot on the wall again and stayed till about 6:30 or so before heading home.  Even though the rain was intermittent and steady at times the day was another great day on the water!

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May 292012

I wonder how much preparation you have to do to have a trip like the one we are planning this summer.   Get the list and check it twice, maybe three times.  This past weekend we were at home checking things off the list.  Spring cleaning, check, new Smart TV check, even downloaded a movie to try, check, new shelf for the Xbox, check, made cockpit cover, check, made TV cover, check.  Slowly we are getting things ready.  I think it is the never ending list that is overwhelming.

This coming weekend the weather man says rain.  Although well needed I don’t like rain on the weekends.  Rain all you want during the week but leave my weekends dry and humid.  Scott is looking at changing out the transmission fluid but has research to do on exactly how to do it.  The generator is still winterized and that needs some work.  Then there is the completion of the wax job I started on the lower half of the boat.  Scott has to compound the upper deck to give it that factory shine and then there is the wax for that.  Whewww, I’m tired just thinking about it.  Also there is a bug netting that we are trying to make so that we can enjoy those summer nights on deck and not have to go into a canvas cave just because of a few mosquitos.  The list goes on and on.

I am still waiting for a surgery date.   Scott is off to Mexico for a week somewhere between now and then and a birthday party for Aiden too.  It is going to pass by quickly.

Pottahawk is only 6 weeks away where 6 guys will be camping out on Lake Erie for 2 nights.  And that, my friends, is a whole other list of things to do!

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May 192012

It is now official.  The 2012 boating season has begun.  Splash was May 16th with  Conductance making her way home through the quiet rivers and gratiously anticipated May breezes.  A few fishermen brave the chill in the air at this time of the year.  Not many other types of boaters yet.

Check list once and twice before heading home from Tonawanda.  Engines started up and they ran beautifully.  After coolers were refurbished this winter in Scott’s workshop.  No leaks from the disco lights that were also installed a couple weeks ago.  Always a bonus not having leaks after drilling 4 –  1″ holes in the hull.  Now for all the electrical.  Gremlins seem to have multiplied in the electronics with the touch screen intermittently working, navigation charts sporatic and the VHF radio non existent.  Now that’s a problem.  Scott, I know what you’re doing this weekend.

Waxing has to be completed this weekend while tied to the dock and some major cleaning.  Bring on the sunscreen.

The first major trip this long weekend will be to drain the antifreeze and add water.  I think a stop at “The Boathouse” for some patio time is in order while we are there.  Anyone interested in the first maiden voyage for 2012 can give us a call!!!



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Jan 032012


July 7-9, 2012

An entire weekend with seven guys confined to a boat, in the middle of the lake…….with alcohol.
Good thing 2,500 other boats will be joining us.


(Disclaimer: You need to know Randy to get this caption)

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