June 1st 50th Birthday Bash

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Jun 052013

All I wanted for my birthday is to have all my kids together.  So Scott asked the kids to put the weekend aside just for me and spend some quality time on the boat.  Aaahhhh, there is nothing better.  So Amy gets the great news that she is off May 31 and has an early shift on the 30th.  So I get to pick her up early and spend even more time driving her crazy.  It’s my mom’s 70th birthday on May 30 so that day has been set aside for her special day with dinner and all the kids.

We head out on Friday the 31st with all in tact.  This is our first major excursion this year.  With all 3 kids and Scott and I it is promising to be a great weekend.  On Saturday we have high temps and a lot of sun.  Scott, Aiden and I don our wetsuits and go for a swim around the harbour.  Current is strong heading out to the Niagara River because of all the rains we’ve had so had to use a bit of muscle.  Felt great!  Amy and I made a delish dinner, Amy made my birthday cake and everyone helped decorate the boat.  What a grand day!  Then it started to rain.  So we through on a movie and enjoyed the pitter patter of rain dancing on the roof.

Sunday morning brought a bit more rain so a slow start for everyone and extra coffee.  By afternoon it was warm and sunny again.  We had a great afternoon exploring Tonawanda and North Tonawanda visiting their little downtown shops.  Then headed home but realized that the water from all the rain made the Welland River way too high to fit under our lowest bridge.  We had to park the boat at the Chippawa Boat Club and drive home with the help of a last minute call to my sister.  It took a few days for the water to subside enough to get the boat home.

I couldn’t have asked for anything better to celebrate this milestone birthday!

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