Aug 192014

Headed home with great seas, nice breezes and familiar waters. It will be nice to be “home” again and see everyone at Beaver Island. Arrived late in the day, parked the boat and enjoyed the last few hours of another great vacation on the water. Next year where will Conductance take us? Stay tuned!!

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Aug 182014

Headed across Lake Erie to Port Dover. Before heading into Port Dover we stopped on the hook for lunch at Long Point. Long Point is only accessible by boat and you must watch the exploring off the beach due to ticks and Lyme Disease. Scott and Aiden took Low Voltage to the beach. I stayed onboard. The waves were good but I always worry about losing the anchor with a shift of the wind and breaking free. Never have but there is always a first time. I made lunch while they took some gorgeous photos and found some “quick sand”. Being this beach is not easily accessible it is pristine. Beautiful white sand where you feel like a pioneer and landing on shore for the first time. You are lucky to find footprints anywhere.

First time in months since Conductance has seen Canada. Port Dover is a bustling travel destination for boats, tourists, cottagers and the like. Shops, restaurants and everything you need available. Picked up a pair of water shoes for Scott and had a fish dinner at a recommended outdoor bistro. Apparently best in town. Well, I suppose if you like lots of batter and french fries. Ice cream shops on every corner so had to pick one. Best beach is located in town. Headed back to the boat after several hours walking around town. Noticed a small inlet that has docks available for quick stops located before the entrance to the marina. Not sure about overnight but we would have much preferred this stop even though there was no power available. Heading home tomorrow.




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Aug 172014

We really wanted to make a different stop along the way before getting to Buffalo. We have already been to Dunkirk so thought about this little stop. A little fishing marina that could barely fit our boat. They literally stuffed us on a long dock that Scott had to shift around corners to get to. Thank goodness the winds were good. Otherwise we would have had to pass. This little stop was so worth it though. Beside the marina the large freighters come in to pick up, unload and dock. Very industrial around the water here. A small restaurant as well. We took our bikes into town. A little hometown America with not much to do but these little stops are always an adventure. Not much to see but a nice bike ride none the less.



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Aug 162014

We decided to head back to Cleveland after hearing that the new city marina was next to the Science Centre, the decommissioned freighter was also there and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I did some laundry while the guys went into downtown for about 1 1/2 tripping around the city centre. There was a big bash for LGTB and the music was blasting. It was awesome. The Science Centre is a great place to view the waterfront and have some interactive displays for Aiden. We never pass up a Science Centre. We did go through the freighter as well. Well worth it if you like a bit of history and an insight into living on a ship that travels through our lakes.

We had an interesting conversation with the US Coast Guard as they pulled in an overcrowded boat with only one lifejacket. The officer was going to come aboard before he realized that the Canadian flag was dangling off the stern. Being Canadian the safety equipment needed onboard is different from the US requirements, and our laws have more requirements anyway. So we just chatted with him for about 20 minutes about our travels and his experiences. Of course we were sipping bevies. I think he may have been a bit jealous over that fact!



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Aug 152014

After a day and night in Sandusky, Ohio we headed out to Vermillion, OH. What a lovely spot. We reserved the last spot at the entrance to the inlet at the Yacht Club. After stopping in there and a bite to eat we took “Low Voltage” out for a spin down the inlet. Through the town of Vermillion this little inlet meanders with several stops and things to see. We past a gorgeous 80 ft plus yacht along the way. Restaurants were everywhere with boat slips available to stop for a lunch or dinner break, or a bevy or two. After a day of exploring the waterway and the little town on foot we did see a beautiful sunset. We had the best spot in the area as we were near the entrance to Lake Erie with no housing to the west. Just another day in life aboard.



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Aug 142014

……………..and now there is Cedar Point. Only the best ever amusement park anywhere around. I wish the food was better though. Aiden and Scott went on Top Thrill Dragster. Insanely fast 10 seconds of your life. Wow. Unfortunately the new coaster GateKeeper was not operating but we did just about every other one available. So fun.



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Aug 132014

Left Put In Bay today for Middle Bass Island. Apparently a new marina is there with lots of space. Looking forward to the trip which is just a short jump from South Bass Island to Middle Bass Island. Arrived with sunny skies and great slip availability. This marina is huge. It has enough slips for all sizes of boats. Since we are only staying here for the day and heading to Sandusky for the night we got off early. Choosing to take our bikes for a spin around the island. Quiet, not touristy at all. Visited several little stops but realized quickly this is a more laid back atmosphere.

Talked with a few locals who recommended the restaurant, Walleye’s, near the marina. Popped in for an ice cream after our beautiful trek by bike around the island. We decided that Walleye’s deserved a much more detailed look. Out back of the restaurant is a laid back island atmosphere complete with large wading pool, waterfall and beautiful flora. We felt like we were in the islands in the Caribbean. Ordered pina coladas for us and a virgin one for Aiden. The water was shallow and really cold. I think they must change the water in the pool often or it would have been much warmer. Stayed the entire afternoon, sipping coladas, playing water volleyball, sort of, and multiple games of corn hole bean toss. Gotta make one of these for Beaver Island.

Middle Bass Island is the small, quiet island with not much to do but if you love this lifestyle you will want to visit here. We also found out that as a quest you can come to Walleye’s anytime, for free, as well as a full swimming pool available on the other side of the island at a “resort” called St. Hazards Resort which offers people a MUCH cheaper alternative to the lodging on Put-n-Bay. They have many small cabins and villas to rent as well and tent camping areas, places to park your camper or travel trailer. They also have some waterfront condos to rent on the water. The beach still needs work and this could be considered a sleepy, almost run down (to some folks) place to be. But we loved it.



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Aug 112014

Aug 11, 2014 Put In Bay, South Bass Island
Rain………………walked about 5 km in the rain. Came home soaked head to toe. Wanted to see the Aquatic Centre which as it turns out is a fish hatchery and is only open Wed – Saturday. They really should put that in those brochures. Heading back out into the rain to head to the winery. Stay tuned for the result. You can be tit will be a movie night. Rain came all day but that didn’t stop us from having a good time.

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Aug 102014

Aug 10, 2014 Kelley’s Island – Put In Bay, South Bass Island
Put In Bay, South Bass Island
Check out from Portside on Kelley’s Island was at 11:00 so each and every large boat was leaving at the same time. We were second in line due to our slip placement. Winds wer okay but breezy. We were heading to Put In Bay which was about a 40 minute slow steady ride. We had reservations again at Millers Marina. The new Park Place Marina is beautiful. It’s only been open about a month, is village owned and has one of the best facilities here at Put In. Same price $1.75 per ft. We do like our slip at Millers. Right up front, in front of the pavilion and not far from the main village. We spent the afternoon tripping through the village, which was bustling on a Sunday. Saw an antique car show drive by, a veterans parade, had a local beer from Put In Bay, and of course, the illustrious ice cream. There is enough to do on this island to keep us here for days. Memorials about the peace between Canada, the US and Britian and an entirely different perspective on the war of 1812. The Battle of Erie was here on September 10, 1813 where Oliver Hazard Perry beat the British on Lake Erie. The only battle won by the Redcoats which made it easy for them to stop supplies heading toward the western end of the lake from Kingston. The history is outstanding here. This place is known as the Peace Memorial due to the monument for that commemorative on this island. So many Canadian flags here in Put In Bay are seen on buildings, streets and poles. It is impressive.

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