Aug 162014

We decided to head back to Cleveland after hearing that the new city marina was next to the Science Centre, the decommissioned freighter was also there and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I did some laundry while the guys went into downtown for about 1 1/2 tripping around the city centre. There was a big bash for LGTB and the music was blasting. It was awesome. The Science Centre is a great place to view the waterfront and have some interactive displays for Aiden. We never pass up a Science Centre. We did go through the freighter as well. Well worth it if you like a bit of history and an insight into living on a ship that travels through our lakes.

We had an interesting conversation with the US Coast Guard as they pulled in an overcrowded boat with only one lifejacket. The officer was going to come aboard before he realized that the Canadian flag was dangling off the stern. Being Canadian the safety equipment needed onboard is different from the US requirements, and our laws have more requirements anyway. So we just chatted with him for about 20 minutes about our travels and his experiences. Of course we were sipping bevies. I think he may have been a bit jealous over that fact!



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