Aug 182014

Headed across Lake Erie to Port Dover. Before heading into Port Dover we stopped on the hook for lunch at Long Point. Long Point is only accessible by boat and you must watch the exploring off the beach due to ticks and Lyme Disease. Scott and Aiden took Low Voltage to the beach. I stayed onboard. The waves were good but I always worry about losing the anchor with a shift of the wind and breaking free. Never have but there is always a first time. I made lunch while they took some gorgeous photos and found some “quick sand”. Being this beach is not easily accessible it is pristine. Beautiful white sand where you feel like a pioneer and landing on shore for the first time. You are lucky to find footprints anywhere.

First time in months since Conductance has seen Canada. Port Dover is a bustling travel destination for boats, tourists, cottagers and the like. Shops, restaurants and everything you need available. Picked up a pair of water shoes for Scott and had a fish dinner at a recommended outdoor bistro. Apparently best in town. Well, I suppose if you like lots of batter and french fries. Ice cream shops on every corner so had to pick one. Best beach is located in town. Headed back to the boat after several hours walking around town. Noticed a small inlet that has docks available for quick stops located before the entrance to the marina. Not sure about overnight but we would have much preferred this stop even though there was no power available. Heading home tomorrow.




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