Jul 172012

What a day!  At least what a day I had.  Up early to get ready to cross Lake Ontario.  We listen to the forecast and they call for extreme T storms and rain.  Wave heights low but with a westerly wind.  Being at the most eastern part of the lake westerly’s do not sound like a fun ride over.  Boy was I right.  After packing up and getting out at 8:30 we stop for gas.  At 9:00 we are heading out the mouth of the Oswego Canal into Lake Ontario and smack right in the face with huge swells.  2 1/2 hours later I so am ready to get off the ride that has now made both Aiden and I queasy.  This was the first time I was ready to say I’m done with this boat for awhile.  I missed the beginning of the 1000 Islands area because those westerly’s came up the St. Lawrence River.  It started to settle a bit and we both felt better.

We stopped at Boldt Castle along the way.  Nestled on an island it is where the original owner of the Waldorf Astoria decided to create his forever home and not finish it due to his wife dying unexpectedly.  He never returned to the castle and work stopped on it for over 70 years.  Then in ’77 it was bought by the 1000 Islands Bridge Commission and they are now both restoring the work that had been done as well as getting it completed the way it was supposed to be done originally.  Quite a beautiful building.

The winds had picked up by now and docking at the castle was not fun.  We had to call them for assistance in getting her lines in.  The winds were expected to be 60 mph and up.  We decided to wait it out for a bit till the storm passed and the marine extreme weather was lifted.  Then I was stung by a bee.  I put my hand right on top of it. 

Still a bit queasy we begin in rough winds down the St. Lawrence River to Brockville an hour away.  We can see behind us that the clouds are darkening and rain is falling.  Up go the tarps and all of a sudden the temperature drops like 15 degrees.  The cold front has arrived.  It starts to rain but luckily the winds die off.  We make it to Brockville unscathed and tie up easily in the harbour.  I start dinner only to burn myself on the BBQ.  On the same hand as the bee sting!!!

Tomorrow will be better but we have heard that Cornwall had a tornado go through today.  

We also have 3 Seaway locks to go through.  The Iroquois, the Eisenhower and the Snell locks.  Then on to Cornwall.

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