Jul 142012
  • The weather man was wrong, again.  Sun and a nice breeze made it easy to navigate the canal today.  No rain in sight.  We did, however, have to run the canal flagless.  Someone cut off our Canadian Flag sometime during the night leaving us with an empty flag pole this morning.  We feel naked now.   Two nights out and two nights with some sort of issue.  Oh boy!

Moving out of Spencerport and heading towards our goal of Newark, NY, we pass many little towns.  Most have public docks with amenities and think a stop would be considered for another 10 day vacation.  One little town after another heading toward the Finger Lakes area,.  Life doesn’t get any better. 

Today we did 4 locks all going down.  It is so much easier down locking compared to up locking.  As we sit in Newark having just enjoyed a pasta dinner, and finished a game of washer toss, Aiden is doing the dishes.  I wish I had a picture of that.  No really…. he has been doing the drying the whole trip and helping with lines in the locks.  He is double digits now and has so much more responsibility.  LoL.   I figure the complaining will stop soon. 

Tonight we have a game of mini putt planned, feeding fish under the disco lights of the boat and sitting on the shore with a bevy.  Apparently tomorrow they call for rain.  What does the weather man know anyway?

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