Jul 152012

The last night in Newark we met a couple in a 21′ cuddy cabin that dropped their boat in New York harbour with expectations of making it to Fort Erie.  We exchanged some information on the Greater Niagara
Boat Club and they will be making their way to Chippawa instead.  In exchange we received a new, or new to us, Canadian flag to replace to stolen one.  We are all dressed again for the journey today.

We had a beautiful cruise along tributaries of the Finger Lakes and saw some beautiful homes and cottages along the way.  Speed was good and we were able to catch up some time.  This portion of the trip makes you feel like you are away instead
of the idea of being in a dredged canal that has become the norm until this point.

We expected to make it to Baldwinsville today and instead made a run for it to Phoenix, NY.  The first lock on the Oswego is here.
Cute little place with kids of all ages called The Brats.  They serve coffee and lemonade all day long and also offer a breakfast and lunch menu from the local restaurant on the canal.
One boy, Zach, played washer toss with Aiden for over an hour while Scott ordered parts for the marine radio that happened to stop working.  Radio is acting up too.  Should be great when going through the commercial locks
where the operators are used to deaing with functioning equipment. 

Aiden fed ducks and geese by the numbers in the evening.  Stale bread is such a treat when you are saving up for those feasting times.
One Canadian goose is more like a duck than a goose.  He stays with the ducks only and when geese come around he leaves.  He is extremely gentle
as geese go that is.  He leaves food for the ducks and goes without.

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