Jul 192012

Starting the day out this morning we find out that Guy La Fleur has his boat just down the slips in the marina.  So we took some pics of his 65 ft’er.  Conner, we took a picture just for you!   A lot of French Canadians are here too.  We just can’t understand them.

Since we got our diesel last evening we didn’t have to worry about that today.  Good thing cause we slept in till almost 8:00.  Finally we were underway around 10:00  on a great weather day.  It was in the low ’70’s when we started out and no humidity was a blessing.

Our last day on the St. Lawrence River and it was a great one.  We passed through two more Seaway locks and with no wind it was amazingly simple.   Both are in Beauharnois Canal located just west of Montreal.  As we saw Montreal in the distance we started on a northern route toward the Ottawa River.  it was literally a zigzag across a large lake with so many varying depths ranging from shoals to 35 ft deep.  The channel was well marked however there were some passages that a couple boats passing one another just made it through.  Finally we settle in at Ste Anne de Bellevue and pass through the first of two locks on the  Ottawa River.  We are now settled in on the north side of the lock here in Ste Anne de Bellevue for tonight.

Heading for a long day to Ottawa tomorrow.

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