Jul 302012

This morning was gorgeous.  We woke up to the soft sounds of nature through the hatch.  No air for us last night.  It was cool and the kids were exhausted after playing in the falls in the afternoon, walking the two km or more there and back, staying  up way to late at the campfire and made some new friends with kids traveling with their families in their 20 ftr and tents.  Made our life here so much more appealing .

Scott really wanted pics of  Healey Falls so we made a stop at the top of Lock 17 on the wall for a short walk over the power station to the falls.  They were right.  It is beautiful and worth the stopover.  The kids went under the falls itself  in the small  caverns only to stick their arm out from under.  I tried not to look as boys do what it is that boys do.

We were going to stay before Rice Lake but decided to stop at Campbelltown dock instead. Passing through Rice Lake was uneventful except the fact that I undid the canvas window we have on the port side only to lose it in the wind.  We searched for it for awhile but to no avail.  Now I hope there is no rain until we get home.  We can’t order it either but have to have it made custom.

Passing through Otonabee River we passed so many cottages  that it was hard to stay up in speed.  Once we made it to Campbelltown the  town dock was  not suitable to stop at.  Large metal spikes stick out on the sides of the dock.  So now the only choice we had was to make it to Peterborough.  So now here we are in the marina where I could do laundry and pick up some supplies from the grocery store.  The complaining about walking to the store seemed to go away once the ice cream sandwiches were purchased as well.  The boys carried home the supplies too.

So now the kids are fishing off the marina dock with bread to catch a huge carp.  C did catch it only to break the line.  Try explaining how the line broke to a 10 year old who thinks that the carp is for breakfast.

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