Jul 212012

We visited the Parliament Buildings today.  We went into The House of Commons and The Senate chambers, the Tower and through the Centre Building.  Spectacular  architecture was everywhere you looked .  I highly recommend a visit to our nation’s capital.

Then it was off to Robin, Tom and Family for a much overdue visit where we spent the afternoon reminising of the old days.   Scott and Tom have been friends since grade school and Robin and I went to grade school together as well.  Small world.  It was so much appreciated for your hospitality, utilizing your washer and dryer and shower.  Aiden had so much fun playing monopoly with Matt.  It was really nice to meet your kids.  They will be going places for sure.

We arrived back at the boat around 11:00 and were awakened sometime in the night by the security on the waterfront.  Apparently someone boarded our boat and they chased them down the waterfront but lost them.  I got up to check what all the commotion was about only to find that the boat behind us had its bow line unhooked and it was floating sideways.        So three nights out of 10 there has been an issue.  That is a sad statistic.



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