Jul 182012

After having endless summer days of 90+ degrees we woke up to a cool morning in the mid 70’s.  It was a nice reprieve from the heat.  Not that we are complaining.  We love this weather. 

We decided to head off to Cornwall today and going through 3 large commercial locks of the Seaway.  The  first lock, which is Canadian, was only a 4 inch drop and named Iroquois lock.  The next lock, the Eisenhower and the 3rd, Snell lock, was over 40 ft down.  They have these floating metal bollards along the walls in a crevass that you put your lines around and the bollard goes down with you.  Makes it easy to navigate the locking procedure.  Brian and Joe will be jealous! 

It is so beautiful in this part of Ontario and being near water makes this part so nice to visit.  We made it to Cornwall around 2:00 today and made time to visit the city centre, get charts ready for tomorrow’s journey, went swimming in the St. Lawrence River (skipping stones for an hour as well) and make more plans for the upcoming days.  Tomorrow we plan to stay around the Ste. Anne de Bellevue lock on the Ottawa River.  This is located just south of Montreal and where we start a NW heading toward Ottawa. 

The other mariners here in this marina are saying that the Rideau Canal may be closed due to low water levels.  Apparently someone they know made the decision to return back after hearing that the Rideau may be closed.  We have checked websites but haven’t found closures yet.  We will be calling authorities tomorrow to determine if we indeed can continue on this eastern journey.  Apparently the authorities may be closing it and therefore no postings  online as yet.

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