Jul 292012

We were thinking that today we would stop in Campbellford to do some laundry but it was only 3 hours of driving time.  So we decided to push on toHealeyFallsat the first lock.  The next 2 locks are staircase locks just up from our little spot here in “the basin” between locks 15 and then 16 and 17.  I still need to do laundry but we’ll just wear our bathing suits today.  Really cuts down on the laundry loads. 

Passing through Campbellford we noticed that it would be a great place to be if you want the “city life”.  They have everything right there with enough spots for 50 or more boats.  Gas is the cheapest here than anywhere on theTrent.  It is the same price as the street price which you don’t see ever.  We didn’t see diesel but we’ve been told it is here too. 

Most of the locks we passed through are rural with only nature around and maybe a mom and pop shop selling ice cream.  Now we are here in “the basin”.  We all have been swimming behind the boat where the water is clear and warm with lots of curious fish that look like rock bass.  We can have campfires here and buy fire wood to burn.  Apparently they don’t sell marshmellows though.  I didn’t bring any because who knew we would be having campfires.

I think that fishing for our dinner has a new meaning.  The boys are determined to bring in a big one.  I haven’t had bass in awhile so that would be a nice change.  Scott already has his knife sharp for the carving.  The boys went to find the swimming hole with “the rapids” and look at the power station.  That was about 2 hours ago.  I think I’m due for a cold brew.  That will go great with the sausages that are being cooked over the open fire tonight for dinner. 

So they are back now and apparently I missed one of the highlights of the trip.  The water levels are low this year and the falls is more of a cascading ankle deep water over layers of rocks.  The boys swam across the river and then were at the falls where they were able to stand under the cascading waters and let the water flow over them.  They were delighted with the whole experience.  Healey Falls is a bit of a walk but worth it.  Scott says it was by far the most beautiful and fun thing he has seen on this trip and the kids just loved the whole idea of going under the “waterfall”.  For those that want to make this their reason for coming here go to the top of the lock at Lock 17 and dock there for the night.  It will save several steps to get to the falls.

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