Jul 122012

….and so our adventure begins.   We left with a late start.  Scott had to work a bit later than expected.  I had most things packed and ready to be loaded into the boat with the exception of those mandatory items that boys like. 

Travelling to Tonawanda to get gas and pick up our new collapsible bicycle so that at least one of us can get groceries and beer, we headed down the Erie Canal to Lockport.  Love this place.  The lockmaster let us know that hydro was available (didn’t know that last year and ran the gen all night for the A/C), as well as water.  He gave us tips on locking to our destination.  These folks are so friendly.  We had the pleasure of a mosquito free night for the first time this year and a visit from the police at around midnight.  Apparently some kids decided that our boat should be a place to visit and someone saw them.  We heard them on the dock but didn’t think a whole lot about it.  I got up to investigate and was told the story of the kids on the boat.  We don’t always put up the full tarp just so that we can air out the cockpit but I decided that I had better after this minor incident.  Nothing was taken, just a bit of lost sleep on my part.  Woke up at about 7:15 and straightened up the place.  Today we are told that Fairport is a good 8 hours away and it could be done.   We set off around 10:00.




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