Jul 272012

Today was a day of getting some chores out of the way. Scott found a place in Kingston that had some of the parts for the toilet but a major part had to be ordered and then will have to be shipped to us en route. Hopefully our second toilet will be functional soon. We stopped at Collins Bay Marina for diesel as well.

Heading on up the Bay of Quinte to the west we had clear skies and flat water. It is a beautiful section of water that should be enjoyed on its own but our mission today was to make it to Trenton. Sorry Dana, we missed the Pictom area for some great wine tasting. We’ll just have to go by car someday. Wanna join us?

As we came to the start of the Trent Severn Waterway we were greeted by a bridge and a sign that ensured we had found our way. Passing through Trenton we passed civilization and headed for Lock 1 of the next part of our journey. We had to wait for a boat locking down and it was with anticipation that we watched them maneover their last lock but our first. As we passed each other, with the standard wave of hands, we got ourselves situated on the lock wall with ease. I guess after traversing over 70 locks thus far we can be considered pros.

So here we sit at the top of Lock 1 in the Trent Severn Waterway waiting once again for the sun to rise and the real beginning of our journey.

Tomorrow a friend of Aiden’s  joins us for a week’s vacation.  How much fun will the adventure be when we have two 10 year old boys on board in a confined space and no where to go?  We are looking forward to that adventure as well!

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