Jul 092013

Last day of being 10.  Aiden’s birthday is tomorrow.  Where did the time go?

We decided to stay in Watkin’s Glen another day and enjoy the area.  Absolutely beautiful here.  We had to move the boat to accommodate an already reserved boat for our spot but they did have another for us to use.  After that we walked the 10 blocks to the State Park to see what all this commotion was about the falls being here.  About 3 km long with 19 falls and winding paths made by centuries of falling waters.  This is one of those places that you don’t realize how beautiful it is until you see it first hand.  Each and every falls has a distinct beauty.  If you love the outdoors and a bit of hiking you have to make it here just to see this wonder.

The main street was bustling with people going here and there.  Funny thing is that “they” proclaim this to be wine country but there is no wine to buy.  No winery to see.  You have to get to the winery by car and the only place to buy any local wines is no where near the downtown of this cute little town.  Seems odd.  So we picked up a bottle of beer from a local micro brewery and had dinner and brews as well.  A great send off to a great day.

Tomorrow we will travel down a small canal that isn’t a canal anymore but has another falls at it.  Montour Falls awaits us for tomorrow and then we start to head back.


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