Jul 082013

Leaving the beautiful Oak Island with its simple style we head on down to Seneca Lake.  It is a mere 1 hour travel time to get there.   It took about 30 minutes to get to the mouth of the lake and it opened up with huge treed cliffs on both sides.  Stunning beauty.  Many a vineyard, farm and cottage greeted us.  After about 30 minutes on the water we were almost at Watkins Glen but decided to stop for lunch beside a beautiful waterfall named Hector Falls.  Sometimes this falls is merely a rock face but today we were happy to see a full on waterfall cascading down several hundred feet.  During lunch we watched the beauty of nature in full action and sound.  After that we though a dip would be nice.  A storm was brewing but it seemed far enough off that it would pass us.  We watched the beauty of the stormy sky, swam and just enjoyed.  Next thing you know the 3 of us started to clean the outside of the boat.  The only way to do that is by sitting on a pool noodle, wash mitt in hand, and start rubbing.  Once again Conductance was shiny and new looking.

The storm was starting to rumble now so we headed to the marina to find a spot with a gorgeous view of the lake and hillside.  Now I sit here at 9:30 with the odd mosquito looking for dinner and enjoy the sounds of ducks on a very calm night.

Tomorrow we head to Watkins Gorge to view the sites.  Aiden’s birthday is only 2 days away so we are also planning for that big day as well.  I think he is more excited about the Gorge and his day though.


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