Jul 072013

Finally we finished the stretch on the Erie Canal.  Really it isn’t so bad, just hot, and no way to swim to cool off.  After leaving Lyons this morning we headed on the eastern trek to the Cayuga/Seneca Canal Junction.  Leaving the final locks of the Erie Canal to now do 4 more on the CS Canal.  The junction is not clearly marked so we had to watch for the buoy with the right number on it to make the southern turn to the canal.

We started to weave our way down the  CS Canal and pass more boats and people than we have on this trip so far.  Busy little canal this is and still the eastern half of the Erie is closed.  Passing cottage after cottage it made us think of the Trent and its many cottages and busy traffic.  We made our way past Seneca Falls deciding to stop in Waterloo, NY.  Seneca Falls will be a stop that we make on our way back.  After we pass lock 1 Seneca is on your right and a beautiful old church stands to greet you.  The old buildings along the canal make for a great place to wonder. But that will have to be later.

Locks 2 and 3 are flight locks.  Each going up 26 ft making the lakes higher than we have been thus far.  The lakes drain into the canal which makes its way to the Hudson River.  A generating station provides some power for the residents of this area.  Lock 4 is in Waterloo.  A short lock in height but none the less a grand as the large ones.  The locks on the CS Canal are in much better shape than those of the Erie Canal.  The only place to stop in Waterloo is either on the terminal wall of the lock or at Oak Island which is a small island on the top of lock 4.  A small dock of about 80 ft with no services leaves us running the generator for the night.  No problem cause the trade off is a park with ducks and geese to feed, fishing to be done, swimming (finally), and small hiking paths.  We are happy campers today.  Tomorrow we make our way down Seneca Lake to Watkins Glen.

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