Jul 062013

Finally found some moments that were not as boring as the first couple days.  That stretch of the canal is so uneventful except for the cute towns along the way.  Fairport is amazing.  Cute town with a down home feel and extremely open local folk that stop and talk the time away.  Definitely worth the stop.

Cruising on down to Lyons travels past some beautiful homes and nice spots that open up the canal a bit although not much more than a runabout could utilize these waters.  Very shallow outside the channel.  It was extremely hot today.  Upwards of 35 degrees and no swimming in this canal made for a long day of cruising even though we only did about 4 hours and 5 locks to get here.

Lyons is the sweetest town.  Peppermint was started here back in the 1800’s and the folks here are very proud of that fact.  We visited the peppermint mill.  One of 3 of the only original buildings still in existence in its original state.  Aiden and Scott did some touring and “boat watching” with sticks at the dam.  We had to splash in the hose and create our own sprinkler to stay cool today.  Water gun fights were abundant on a day like today.  Now in the evening it is still very hot but we do have the pleasant surprise of watching a groundhog dig for its dinner.  The joys of vacation and absent time spent on the Erie Canal.

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