Jul 102013

So really , where did the time go?  Aiden turns 11 today.  Hard to believe that this much time has passed when it feels like he was a toddler just a couple years ago.  We started the day out with running to the bakery to pick up the special order cupcakes I ordered and bring back coffee for Scott and I.  Of course it was raining during the 4 block walk there and back to the boat.  We headed out back down the lake after that.

In the rain the lake’s wind had picked up a bit but nothing compared to the winds we have seen on other travels.  By the time we reached the north end of Seneca Lake the rain had stopped, the humidity had started and the sun was shining.  Stopping for a bit of diesel and then back down the Cayuga Seneca Canal to our final destination of Seneca Falls.

Seneca Falls is a cute town that has catered to the boaters.  All amenities, including laundry, are available at the terminal wall.  The only problem I see is that there are only 4 poles with electric, plus 1 more with 50 amp.  We finally picked up some local wine that was found at the liquor store a couple blocks away.  After our regular get to know the town walkabout we stopped back at the boat for the swim in the canal.  The locals thought we were a bit crazy, but seriously, it is fed by Seneca Lake with one lock between here and there.  What is a little seaweed floating by?

Great little town with an Italian flavour everywhere.  Lots of restaurants, museums, antique shops and whatever else your heart desires.  I see why people like this spot.  Tree lined terminal wall with old buildings of yester year and a park on the other side of the canal.  It is a lovely spot to stop.

This will be our last time to enjoy the clean waters as we head back out on the Erie Canal towards home tomorrow.  A swim in the morning to set us up and then start making our way back.  Apparently the weather man is calling for 90 degrees tomorrow.  Figures! ….and we can’t swim to stay cool.

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