Jun 152017

Our first official lock of the Erie Canal was today. There is a flight of 5 locks within a couple miles that had to be locked through. The good thing is that the lockmasters coordinate the openings with each other to get you through. We had to get out of the way of a passing barge and tow coming out of lock 4. We were locking through with 3 other boats for the entire flight.

Each lock that we go through is a little different than the last. Ropes are supplied for you at each lock but sometimes you can grab a cable with your own rope and just ride up the cable. So much better than touching the slimy ropes available to you after sitting in water most of the time.

After Lock 6, then 7, then 8 we were certain that we would be done. We had 3 jet skiers following in our wake loving the big size for jumping. 3 young fellas that never seemed to quit. One asked to give me his email and text so I could send him the photos and videos we took.

Then lock 9 and finally 10. We went 34 miles today but it seemed like 134. Between 7-9 there isn’t really much in the way of an anchorage or wall. Lock 10 decided to break down just as we were approaching it and after a tow and barge came out. Something to do with lock doors not closing. So we tied to the wall there. It has steel corrogated walls but our fenders were placed in such a way as not to slip between. There is current fairly strong as well. We were told that someone was coming to look at it and that it could be a long wait. It was about an hour and a half of a wait. Then the doors opened and off we went.

It was our intention to find an anchorage around lock 7 or so. Scott wanted to push forward. The day wasn’t too hot and the winds were kind. We decided to stop at Riverlink Park in the City of Amsterdam, NY. A wonderful marina, free laundry, restrooms, showers, restaurant, and a liquor store and hardware store about a 5 minute walk away. The park is well groomed and tidy. We tied up with power and water as well. It’s a quiet and cute town other than the constant train traffic on a very busy track directly adjacent to the park and marina.

Along the wall we found that The Perch was here along with Last Call, Lab Partners, and several other Loopers. Some of us wandered into the restaurant for a dessert after dinner. We shared some stories and laughs til the day caught up to us all by 9:00. We’re like that….the party crowd.

We are looking at heading out later in the morning due to incoming rains overnight and into the breakfast hours.

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