Jun 022017

I grabbed a Hollywood shower this morning. You know, those long, hot ones that you run out of hot water. It was so nice to not have to rush out this morning. We planned on a shorter day today as we head to Annapolis, Maryland.

Scott uploads some software updates for the electronics and we’re off. Not leaving the dock Scott notices that our depth finder is not sounding the water depths. Not good when we know we are coming up to shallow areas in the next few days. We decide that running to Annapolis is a better option than staying here in the out of the way area. We have open water all the way and the water is so calm it’s like glass. We pull out into the main harbour. Scott starts doing some checks to see if he can get the finder back on. Opening the engine compartment he starts testing and tightening the connections to the sounder. Voila, it works again. It must have come loose in our travels.

Crossing the Chesapeake Bay on our continuous trek north was so easy this morning. The glass water was more of a barefooter’s paradise if it wasn’t for the many boat wakes. No waves at all and no rollers. We made such good time that we were in Annapolis within 2.5 hours. There was a sailing regatta on that was leaving Annapolis at 11:00. We passed them just outside the harbour with their bright sails. They were moving so slow with no wind. There was a predicted 20 knot wind coming this afternoon so that will get them going.

Pulling into the harbour we find so many boats. It’s still a bit early and expect an influx for the rest of the day. We grab a mooring ball for the first time. We read on how to do it last night so that we looked like we knew what we were doing. We’re pros now, until the next time.

Annapolis has a dingy dock available at all the streets that connect with the waterway so you can find one just about anywhere. We went up the Spa River and found one that we liked there. That way we could travel around town and make a big circle, of sorts.

The town is full of tree lined, brownstone style homes. Directly on the sidewalk are the porches. You feel like you can hear the clip clop of horses coming up the street of yesteryear. The downtown is a very long street with its shops, specialty shops, restaurants and whatever you think a tourist might need. I found a cute dress for a measly $200. We left that shop and didn’t go into anymore. We did find a couple tea houses, a pharmacy, visitors centre, a bakery and a craft beer place as well. Of course partaking in the local bevy after a hot stroll down the main drag.

We spent the afternoon doing whatever tourists do with our backpack, sunhat and running shoes. I’m sure we looked quite the sight. Spending countless hours in the hot sun while living on a boat makes you really care a lot less about being in the sun so much. After all you know you’re going to have countless hours of it anyway so getting out of it every once in awhile is a welcome reprieve even if it is just being under a granny hat.

Back at the dingy we travel up Spa River and then up Back Creek as well. So many boats, people on kayaks and paddleboards. Even an osprey gets in the fun of watching crazy humans as she has perched her nest on a low pillar. Upon getting back to the boat we notice that the main mooring field we are in is mostly full watching more boats come in as we have dinner on deck.

Tomorrow we’ll run past Baltimore and start rounding the top of Delaware to an anchor spot.

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