Jun 062017

Up and out before 7:00 the harbour leaving Cape May showed signs of some winds. We searched this morning and determined that 3-4 footers were fine with some north wind at only 5 knts. We passed several tugs, fishing boats and dredging boats as we headed out to sea. My concern this morning is that we received a message from home that our dog was sick. Snoots has the shoots apparently with some dry heaving. Our poor baby. Amy has been up most of the night tending to a sick pup and cleaning up after him. Arrangements are made for Newton to head to the vets with Mom (again Mom to the rescue), where he can be assessed. A sample was taken and now he’s on some antibiotic meds and a special diet. Hopefully it is just something he ate from the yard. Fingers crossed. So now he’s in a diaper being tended by Grandma, being fed a couple tablespoons of special food every 2 hours and some meds.

We are now on the ocean in 3-4 footers with a few 6 footers slipped in just for fun. Both of us are using legs and abs to keep us in place on the seats. We are able to run no less than 16 and even up to 20 mph the whole way. The rain makes the journey even more fun. We make it to Atlantic City in about 2.5 hours, 40 miles north. The weather is not cooperating and it’s looking like NNE winds are staying til Saturday. That’s not good news. We don’t even gamble.

We have stopped at The Aquarium dock which so far has been free of charge. I contacted the office but no one has gotten back to us. A fellow boater is here and he said it happens a lot where no money is collected. We are on the T dock with 30 amp plugs. No A/C needed as its only 62 degrees outside. Canvas is up due to the strong predicted rain coming our way. No winds anymore but we can see the buoy on our charts and they are now reading 5.5 feet waves which usually means larger than that. We are happy to be off the roller coaster today.

We head into The Aquarium for a quick look. It’s small, has a petting area for stingrays and sharks. There is a large loggerhead turtle here too. It’s free with an overnight at the marina apparently but we paid the entrance fee.

We found a craft beer place about 2 minutes from the boat and the bus The Jitney runs from here to the boardwalk. We’ll do that tomorrow. I’m exhausted from being up with the skype with Amy over Newton last night. There are a couple homes across from the marina from us that used to be part of the run running back in the day. Atlantic City used to be a hub for rum and its illegal activities during prohibition. These homes have garages under the houses directly on the water so the rum runners could drive into the harbour and directly into the garage and take out their wares unseen to be sold on the black market.

By dinner, Newton is doing well. He’s settled and happy but sleeping a lot. Mom is staying with him at our place with the kids just to give Amy a break overnight in case he gets worse.

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