Jun 112017

Now that we are running with gold looking out the front window to the symbol of the gold flag is providing us with some reflective moments.

We leave Lady Liberty and begin the journey home which is now the start of our 2nd loop. We travel slowly past the city of New York with its skyscrapers, industrial and historical influence. We talk about the last time we were here, with Aiden at the age of 8. Passing Ellis Island, where hundreds of thousands of immigrants first came to America. The train station that brought those newly landed immigrants to the mainland to start their new lives. Downtown Manhatten, then Midtown and finally Uptown is left in our wake. The USS Intrepid aircraft carrier with the CR-71 which is now under a cover. When we came through it was fully exposed to the elements. We see Harlem from the river with its beautiful buildings and park like setting. Not the Harlem one thinks of. Passing under the Tampanzee Bridge and seeing that the old steel bridge of yesteryear is being replaced by a new cement twin cantilever bridge which is surrounded by large trees and a country-like setting. Finally going north to find the Hudson River in all her glory. She runs with high cliffs and bluffs with deciduous trees standing along the shores. The large cliffs and valleys are a complete opposite from the big city only about 15 miles away.

We are anchoring in a very large popular anchorage where a beach, park and a couple marinas (Moon Bay and Croton Yacht Club) are available if wanted. The Haverstraw Bay anchorage is perfect. Lots of room, lots of local boaters, people and kids enjoying the beach and sheltered in all but a north wind. The afternoon is spent enjoying the swimming off the back of the boat in this 90 (30C) degree, clear sky Sunday. Watching the locals is always a fun afternoon.

We take the dingy into Moon Bay Marina to run into CVS for a couple cases of water. It’s a nice ½ mile walk or so. There is a $5.00 charge for dingy docking but being its later in the day and we are heading to get water the dockmaster charges us $3.00. Most people dingy to this marina, leave their dingys for the day and take the train to the Big Apple only 24 miles away. The train station is just down from the marina. It is more money than heading in from Great Kills on Staten Island because the train fare both ways runs around $12.00 per person and the ferry is free to and from Staten Island. Still worth it if you wish a second look at the city but want to move on with your boat.

Coming back before dusk we watch another sunset. Looking west over the bluffs and cliffs of this area, not a cloud in the sky, the translucent oranges, pinks and reds closes our day.

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