Jun 262017

We were leaving Holley when we realized that the lift bridge operator was not at this bridge. She operates 2 bridges 3 miles apart and was at the other bridge helping a boat through. We should have coordinated with a time prior to getting ready. Lift bridges are plenty from Brockport NY through to Tonawanda. You will have to recognize that 1 operator can run 2 bridges and jumps between them accordingly. Usually they know you are coming.

We are headed towards Gasport, NY. It’s about a 4-5 hour run from Holley to Gasport. It’s a canal setting with farms below the canal. Grape, wheat, soy farmers are here. It starts to rain and it is cool today. Canvas goes up and we are in sweaters. Again, it’s June 26th and this is unseasonable cool.

The tiny town of Gasport, NY has some welcome surprises waiting for us. The terminal wall has a few 30 amp plugs but no water or amenities. We’re fine with that as this is our last night officially on our tour. The little town has a well stocked ACE Hardware. Very reasonably priced as well. They offer a year round Christmas store inside the hardware store on the upper level. There is a full supplied pet store. The laundromat is about a 2 minute walk from the terminal wall. A dollar store is about a 10 minute walk. A long standing restaurant/bar is a stone’s throw away. The setting along the bank of the terminal wall is all park with benches and picnic tables.

We wandered around the town for the afternoon and then headed back to the boat to escape the rain and cold wind.

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