Jun 272017

Goodbye Gasport, NY! Hello Tonawanda, NY but first we stop at Lockport, NY.

Lockport is of historical significance to the Erie Canal. It’s original flight of 5 locks has been refurbished complete with working lock doors and a working model of a packet boat. On Saturday mornings they run the packet boat through one lock of the original locks. We lock through our last locks of 34 and 35, a flight of 2, which are the updated locks to replace the original 5. The town itself is showing signs of bringing the lock area to life. Old buildings are now being remodeled for shops. The famous “Lake Effect” ice cream store with its artisan homemade ice cream is busy with a stream of people even on this cold, cloudy day. We, of course, stop for a cone. There is a cave tour, a Flight of 5 winery, and other shops close to the free terminal wall. Lockport is always a fun stop.

On the route to Tonawanda the speed limit slows to 5 mph due to the amount of homes, dock and boats along the shores. It’s a slow go from Lockport but familiar territory. Tonawanda is the terminus of the Erie Canal where it enters the Niagara River. From here most boats will take the Black Rock Canal alongside the Niagara River to Lake Erie. There is 1 lock on Black Rock Canal which is about 2 feet usually. It’s a leveling lock. Tonawanda offers a grocery store, liquor store, restaurants, a renowned and refurbished old theater, The Riviera, antique shops, and bars. Wednesday nights are concert night. A good spot to provision for the journey on Lake Erie. This is our last stop.

We leave Conductance on the terminal wall, pack up, and batten down and wait for the ride home to the dirt. We will be back tomorrow to pick her up and take her back to Canada.

Today ends our journey. After 6 weeks and 2 days we are back at home. Seeing all the kids and our furbaby. Amy has done a fantastic job keeping the house, Aiden and Newton in routine. We cannot thank her enough for all the sacrifices she has made to keep the crazy schedule of a teenage boy and his activities. Steve kept the office running. HIs help made us feel secure knowing that the building and tenants are taken care of the way we would. Aiden kept up his side of the deal by staying in the honour’s category at school and not driving his sister too crazy. Thanks to the most amazing children!

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