Jun 252017

It was another long 4 hours to Holley NY today. It’s not that it’s a bad ride. It’s just that after that many hours of 10 mph and getting only about 25-30 miles you start to zone out to the surroundings. It all looks the same. A canal richly edged in green trees and foliage. The odd house pokes through the leaves. We did pass by Brockport, NY with its mystical sculpture on their free city wall. I don’t remember what it represents but it has been there for years.

The canal itself is on higher ground that its surroundings in these parts. The original canal was made larger and the walls wider but the canal itself sits on a hill with houses below. The towpath has a jogger, bicyclist or someone walking their dog. The serenity of the area is something to embrace. We can embrace all that when we get to our destinations.

Coming into Holley, NY the city wall offers free power and water, pump out and a large par. Behind the park is a cascading waterfall that is supplied from the canal. It’s a spot to fish for pike and bass and small feeder fish. There are some short paths through the wooded area as well. The town is small and not much is open. There is a diner called “Sam’s” that offers an array of lunch and dinner choices. The favourite shopping spot, “Save a Lot” is now closed. A choice may be the gas station in town for some convenience items.

Scott loves this spot. It is a favourite on the western side of the Erie Canal. It offers some photo ops as well as some scenery. We ended up meeting with some friends from our marina on Grand Island, NY. They were on vacation on the canal so we coordinated schedules. The girls were fishing and caught a couple nice sized pike. We shared stories and memories over the course of the day. We haven’t seen them since leaving for Nashville a couple summers ago. It was a nice rendezvous. We do plan on getting together this summer on the island. Can’t wait to anchor at “the triangle”.

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