Aug 132014

Left Put In Bay today for Middle Bass Island. Apparently a new marina is there with lots of space. Looking forward to the trip which is just a short jump from South Bass Island to Middle Bass Island. Arrived with sunny skies and great slip availability. This marina is huge. It has enough slips for all sizes of boats. Since we are only staying here for the day and heading to Sandusky for the night we got off early. Choosing to take our bikes for a spin around the island. Quiet, not touristy at all. Visited several little stops but realized quickly this is a more laid back atmosphere.

Talked with a few locals who recommended the restaurant, Walleye’s, near the marina. Popped in for an ice cream after our beautiful trek by bike around the island. We decided that Walleye’s deserved a much more detailed look. Out back of the restaurant is a laid back island atmosphere complete with large wading pool, waterfall and beautiful flora. We felt like we were in the islands in the Caribbean. Ordered pina coladas for us and a virgin one for Aiden. The water was shallow and really cold. I think they must change the water in the pool often or it would have been much warmer. Stayed the entire afternoon, sipping coladas, playing water volleyball, sort of, and multiple games of corn hole bean toss. Gotta make one of these for Beaver Island.

Middle Bass Island is the small, quiet island with not much to do but if you love this lifestyle you will want to visit here. We also found out that as a quest you can come to Walleye’s anytime, for free, as well as a full swimming pool available on the other side of the island at a “resort” called St. Hazards Resort which offers people a MUCH cheaper alternative to the lodging on Put-n-Bay. They have many small cabins and villas to rent as well and tent camping areas, places to park your camper or travel trailer. They also have some waterfront condos to rent on the water. The beach still needs work and this could be considered a sleepy, almost run down (to some folks) place to be. But we loved it.



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Aug 092014

Aug 9, 2014 Cleveland – Kelley’s Island
Heading out early to Kelley’s Island. We made reservations for Portside Marina. There were only a couple places on Kelley’s that could accommodate our size even though there are several marinas listed. The lake was breezy but the waves were okay. Only about one metre or so with a NE heading. We got to Portside at around 11:30. There were a bunch of boats already waiting for slip assignment and the harbourmaster was ready for us but we had to wait until the others were assigned. Tough in those winds. This marina has a fixed wall facing east and a floating dock beside that. It accommodates the large boats side by side along a long channel with stern in. Captain was a bit nerved at this with those NE winds wanting to push out the bow. He got in without trouble, then had a beer. We had a quick lunch then headed out on a 4 hour bike ride around the island. They rent golf carts a plenty here so dodging golf carts, cars, bicycles and pedestrians downtown was crazy. Once out all was good. Beautiful warm afternoon riding we saw glacial grooves formed during the glacial age, a secluded beach along a hiking trail, and lots of tourists. Those golf carts are everywhere. We think the bike ride was the way to go.


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Aug 082014

Aug 8, 2014 Erie – Cleveland OH
So we plan a route to Cleveland. The lake was calm and we left early. A beautiful day on the water dodging sailboats and fishing boats. We’ve never seen so many. Making our way to Cleveland which is about a 3 ½ hour travel time for us, we start to plan our island hopping. Discussing which islands, how long and of course there is that Cedar Point day that is an absolute. Getting into Cleveland there is an outer harbour and inner harbour layout against the swells of the Lake. However, upon needing diesel and a NE wind, tie up for said diesel took manoeuvring. Captain Scott is amazing even in bad winds and no bow thruster. It did take about 4 tries to get in but he did it and we had our slip assignment. We stayed at Lakeside but have since heard about a city marina beside the Science Centre downtown. I think we’ll be stopping there on our way back. Kids have needs too, apparently. Lakeside is a nice marina with a small pool, restaurant and bar. There is a small area to shoot hoops and a small climber for the little ones. Not near anything for supplies or attractions though.

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Aug 072014

Thursday August 7, 2014 Beaver Island to Erie, PA
So we are off. I received the call to get ready to take the vacation down Lake Erie. We haven’t planned out the details of the trip but we have been this route before. I really want to stop in Erie at Presque Isle and stay on the hook. Crossing fingers the Captain is “on board” with this idea. As we head out down the Niagara River towards Buffalo, stop for a quick diesel fill up and weather is on our side. Unfortunately it is a northeast wind, which is not normal. The waves and chop will be a bit higher than usual. But we are leaving early for calmer lake travel. Yes, the Captain agrees that Erie will be a great stop.

We pull into Presque Isle Bay and drop anchor. The winds were good but building. That’s okay. They won’t affect us. This bay is sheltered on all sides and its a warm one too. We decide to play and swim for a couple hours. Then take “Low Voltage” out for a tour. What a gorgeous afternoon. Skipping stones, swimming, just enjoying the calm and view. As I start to make dinner and turn on the Generator, she quits. Fault. Scott knows what it is and has a spare part. Impeller is replaced but really, did Scott need this on our first day out? If you followed our blog from a couple years ago you might remember that Erie is the place that he had to take a look at the sensor that we replaced in Sandusky. The part turned out to be a bad part so we limped home from Erie back then. Again, the gen impeller goes in Erie. I’m beginning to wonder about our luck here!!! OMG and the mosquitos at dusk. We had to go inside.

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Oct 132013

The boaters from a neighbouring marina have a rendezvous in Middleport every year and we joined in.  It was great fun but as most of you know we are the ones who are the first to turn in for the night and the first ones up in the morning.  A little rain didn’t damper the spirits of this last hurrah as we huddled under a tent until we were soaked.  Didn’t matter……………it was all good fall fun!


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Oct 122013

We decided to head to Albion for our destination for Thanksgiving.  Taking my mom on the journey proved to be a good time.  Aiden and Mom played spoons while Scott drove.  There were a lot of giggles going on.  While in Albion Aiden got out his truck and drove till the batteries were worn out, then a recharge and back at it.  Some ramps were built to make the truck even more exciting.



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Oct 112013

We stopped in Medina for one night of the trip.  Cute little town but not much open.  Met a fellow who had a “barge” to live in during the summer months on the canal.  He was heading back to Florida for the winter and had another boat that he lives on down there.  We had to stop and think about that idea!


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