Aug 092014

Aug 9, 2014 Cleveland – Kelley’s Island
Heading out early to Kelley’s Island. We made reservations for Portside Marina. There were only a couple places on Kelley’s that could accommodate our size even though there are several marinas listed. The lake was breezy but the waves were okay. Only about one metre or so with a NE heading. We got to Portside at around 11:30. There were a bunch of boats already waiting for slip assignment and the harbourmaster was ready for us but we had to wait until the others were assigned. Tough in those winds. This marina has a fixed wall facing east and a floating dock beside that. It accommodates the large boats side by side along a long channel with stern in. Captain was a bit nerved at this with those NE winds wanting to push out the bow. He got in without trouble, then had a beer. We had a quick lunch then headed out on a 4 hour bike ride around the island. They rent golf carts a plenty here so dodging golf carts, cars, bicycles and pedestrians downtown was crazy. Once out all was good. Beautiful warm afternoon riding we saw glacial grooves formed during the glacial age, a secluded beach along a hiking trail, and lots of tourists. Those golf carts are everywhere. We think the bike ride was the way to go.


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