Jul 092012

Pottahawk ends with a bang or should I say several crunches.

At Approx. 1:30 AM, a boater decided to leave, crossing the path of our anchor line.

The anchor line was severed and we were set adrift in what felt like an eternity of mayhem.  We ended up aground on a sand bar while crashing up against several other boaters.  Most nightmares you wake up afterwards, but unfortunately we were woke up prior to the nightmare.

Many thanks to my very strong, fit crew (with the help of others) who were able to push the nose forward of a 24,000 pound boat in high seas and allow us to power off the sand bar.

Also, thanks to the people and facilities at MacDonald’s Turkey Point Marina for their hospitality in patching us up and getting us on our way the next day.



In remembrance of our faithful watertoy that along with some other things did not survive the ordeal.



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Jan 032012


July 7-9, 2012

An entire weekend with seven guys confined to a boat, in the middle of the lake…….with alcohol.
Good thing 2,500 other boats will be joining us.


(Disclaimer: You need to know Randy to get this caption)

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