Jun 022011

We made it up the canal to a little place called Schendectedy Yacht Club.  Yacht Club….sounds so impressive doesn’t it?  Check out the photo of the “yacht club”.  It was the hottest day we have had and we had to traverse through 5 flight locks  and 2 regular locks.  If it wasn’t so hot maybe we would have enjoyed it more.  So when we pulled up to the yacht club and found a pool that had just opened we were pleasantly surprised.  Spent too much time in there and had dinner late.  Also we met up with a couple, Keith and Joan, from Ottawa, who just bought their boat and were bringing it up from Fort Myers, Florida.  Another group of fellas from Rochester were bringing their boat home too.  We decided to travel together through the next bunch tomorrow. 

The Erie Canal is larger than we thought it would be.  It follows the Mohawk River for the most part and has a couple areas dredged out as a typical canal.  It is slow going but we see a lot more sights.

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