Jun 022011

Today we decided to push 10 1/2 hours.  Very long day, 10 locks….No one told me that I should have been weight training before this trip.  Especially my hands. 

Well we made it to a place called Little Falls, NY.  Nice place and recommend it to everyone.  Weather was good and Scott has handled the boat with ease like he’s been doing this for years. 

We have met up with a group of 4 guys from Rochester and Boston area and a couple from Ottawa.  We traveled together all day.  The couple were on their way home from picking up their boat in Florida and bringing it home on their 2 week vacation.  They are on week 4.  Turns out he is an aeronautical engineer.  The group of guys are a bunch of fun.  One is a lawyer, 2 engineers and a cabinet maker.  Great mix of personalities while chatting away in the locks. 

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