Jun 042011

We decided to leave Oswego and take a day in Rochester.  Rich, the Skipper of Apt. Sea II has asked us over for a meal at his place tonight.  He has a hot tub so I’m sure we will indulge.  I know my hands are aching from holding the ropes of 37 locks.  I should have been training before this trip for sure. 

We spent last night having last night bevies with our friends from “Apt. Sea II” and also “Dream Weaver”.  For both of them it was their last nights and our second last night of exploring the oceans, rivers and lakes around the eastern borders of the U.S.  Perhaps a rendevous for 2012 is in order!!

We stopped in Rochester around 12:00 today with a light rain and cool temps.  Now it is around 2:30 and the heat has been turned off here in the boat, the sun is shining and Aiden has found some new young friends to play with.  With some time on our hands Scott has decided to take apart the shower discharge pump.  He thought it wasn’t working but it is.  So one less job to do.  So now he has moved on to the satellite TV system.  You never know when you’re going to need that.  I figure during the summer we’ll be spending just a few nights down at the water’s edge, sitting here on Conductance, and enjoying a movie or two.  It’s like a personal drive in without the inconvenience of driving. 

We should be home Sunday sometime in the afternoon.  We only have 3 1/2 hours to get home but we have to import Conductance and get through the government red tape before we can settle her in.  Then we will have to schedule a long haul up the Welland Canal to Lake Erie where she will sit for about a month at a marina while docks and preparations are made to bring her to home base. 

I can’t explain the endeavour that we have just taken.  It has had its great times, stressful times and times of awe and inspiration.  We hit at least 3 submerged logs with hopefully no damage.  At least none that we have felt thus far.  However Scott thinks damage may have been done to a rutter due to some tight steering issues today. 

For 12 days we have explored the Atlantic Ocean, the skyline of New York City, the rivers and lakes of New York State, locked up and down 30 locks, saw more fog than we have ever seen in our lives, had a lot of laughs, met some amazing new friends, and spent an amazing amount of quality time as a family.  The only thing that would have made this trip better would have been to have shared it with Steve and Amy.  That will have to be next time. 

Stay tuned for the next chapter of climbing the mountain in St. Catharines.  That just doesn’t seem as exciting as it should be, does it?

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