Jun 062011

On Sunday we trekked across Lake Ontario which was uneventful except for our own disappointment with not having the ability to finish the Erie Canal.  Oh well, it is what it is!  We stopped in Wilson, NY for a top up of diesel before heading to St. Catharines Marina where Conductance will sit until Tuesday before we head up the Welland Canal to her temporary resting place in Sugarloaf Marina, Port Colborne. 

Tracey and Brian, great friends, joined us waiting for the customs officers for importing the boat.  While waiting I cleaned the boat.  Darn she is dusty!  Scott did some quick checks and updates on the Welland Canal.  We saw a boat that was parked with us at Liberty just starting to head up the Canal.  One gorgeous “silver bullet” as it was nicknamed.  Once you have seen it you don’t forget it.  Then we headed over to Tracey and Brian’s place for some dinner and reflection of the trip.  Thanks guys!  It was really nice to unwind.

Today, June 6th, we are at the office preparing for the uplocking of the Welland Canal and making schedules, getting crew members for the trip and catching up on business. 

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