Jul 222013

Holy Party Batman!!!  With concerts every night, a carnival, streets closed down, hundreds of boats in the harbour, people literally everywhere, kids games, scavenger hunts, obstacle course, and everything else you can think of, we certainly were not bored this week.  Some boats from a local yacht club decorated their boats for a Christmas in July theme after dark.  The bands were amazing every single night.  Next year if we choose to come to this event we will be prepared instead of showing up the day it starts after a 10 vacation.

………………and HOT, ridiculously hot temps hovering around 35 degrees, 90’s for our American neighbours.  It was difficult to get around in the crowds in that heat but we all did it anyway.  Tracey, Brian and family made it out to our Friday night concert to be met by an insane thunderstorm.  Beautiful light show in the lightening for a couple hours and then crazy wind, rain and literally pounding rain until the wee hours of the next day.  Everything shut down at that point.  We managed to have a great time anyway.  Wine, beer and Jamieson’s flowed with a dinner better than any 5 star restaurant.  Great company.

The week ended with a fireworks show on the Sunday night.  Stunning show, although short, with a huge crowd.  We had to clear out the harbour so it was interesting moving about 30+ boats back behind the main barrier.  A lot of boats had left already but there were still several sticking around till Monday.  After the fireworks we made our way back to our favourite spot on the terminal wall and stayed there for another week.

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