Jan 182017

Leaving the dolphin at St Lucie Lock was bittersweet. Knowing our last few hours on the water would soon over makes the ride to Indiantown a solemn ride. This portion of the trip is familiar. Seeing things a second time and noticing things we missed the first time. Again no alligators, no horses, no manatee but there were cows. Little cows jumping a playing by the water’s edge. We took our time until we reached the marina.

The entrance to Indiantown Marina is small. There is gas and diesel available but they only have a 500 gallon tank so if you need some to get you to the east coast it’s a good stop but don’t expect a fill. We are placed on a long dock with water and shore power which helped us get ready for the haul out to the hard storage. Scott got into the engine compartment to change oil on both engines and take a look at those things that need to be serviced for storage. I did the domestics and packed the items to go home. We thoroughly washed the boat, treated the canvas, treated the water system and pumped out. Airline check in is done. Now we are ready for the haul out.

The lift is an easy one with a massive 100,000 lbs lift. We are only 34,000 lbs. Watching her drive to her place of rest for the next few months we gather up everything as we are settled. We cover the dingy in a tarp, fill all the exhaust holes with screen or bubble wrap to keep the mud bees out of them. It’s a long day of just work.
We met some other Canadians here that are selling their boat. Anyone looking for a nice trawler she is a sweet boat. We popped over for some info on the loop as they have done it twice, Gold Loopers!

So we end our current journey. We will be home this time tomorrow night with family and our trusted companion Newton. Till our wakes meet again…………………………………………..

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