Jan 222017



1,631.3 Miles of 1,631.2
2036.2 Gallons of Diesel

20 Locks of 20


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  4 Responses to “Nashville to Florida”

  1. Stay warm and safe. Find a fun place for New Years!

    • You are an amazing sister and aunt but you are the best Sister in law too. Hopefully we’ll see fireworks in the “big city”

  2. Hi from Greg and Nancy. We have read much of this with great enthusiasm! We leave on our Great Loop Adventure the first week of September 2018 from Chicago. We will be using your blog along the way as a key resource! Especially all the mentions of free walls and where the ice cream is! Appreciate you!

    • Fabulous! So glad you are enjoying our blog! May safe travels and much calm water await you as you start your journey!

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