May 302011

Heading off to Liberty today and NYC.  This will mean the end of pahse 1 of our journey.  We left at around 11:00 or so and started heading south towards NYC, along the Connetticut coastline.  Still some fog but not like we experienced out on the open seas.  Unfortunately the fog is still pretty thick and not many pictures will show much.  It is about  1 1/2 hours to Liberty. 

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May 302011

Then we make it to Stamford, Connetticut and end up at a dock that they thought had WiFi and apparently the connection is caught up in some paperwork situation.  So no WiFi again.  Overall though, this has been the best marina we have been at.  Great staff, great service.  They even had complimentary continental breakfast available.  The one fellow took me into town to get groceries, stayed with me and then drove me back to the boat.  All in his personal car with the bosses full permission.  Awesome!  We were down to our last quality food.  I almost had to get out the Kraft Dinner for dinner.

We are now 2 days later than expected and through the fog.  There is nothing more scary than being on the ocean, in a place you have never been before, with no visual and totally relying on radar.  At one point a sailboat without the sails up passed in front of us with about 100 feet to spare.  He obviously had no radar reflector as he did not show up on the radar.  Scott quickly put the boat in a reverse motion to avoid colliding.  Nothing close at all but honestly what was he doing out in visibility of maybe 200 feet with no radar.  And I thought we were new to this!!! 

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