May 302011

Dense fog warning!!!!  Stuck in Onset with poor visibility and an alternator that Scott decided should be rebuilt while we are waiting.  Currently it is 10:45 AM and I’m listening to the soft sounds of ocean lapping at the boat hull, the hum of a vent fan and the VHS radio continually stating cloudy, fog and low visibility.  But, we’re not in the office……ahhhhhhhh.

We have booked our night stay in Guilford, but we may not be staying there depending on the length of time these advisories and the rebuild is for the alternator.  We should be underway in a couple hours.  Scott is currently checking our radar and it seems to not be working.  Hmmmm, do we really need radar?  I have confidence that he’ll get it operational. 

Should get lunch startee before we head out.  It is very rocky in the cabin while cruising……

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