May 302011

Sorry for the delay.  It is rather funny actually.  We end up in a little teeny tiny fishing village of Cuttyhunk and it has beautifully quick internet.  Then we get to Block Island (a little island that a lot of New Yorkers go to for a quick getaway) and it has no internet.  Expensive and nothing open and it’s Memorial Weekend.  Apparently nothing is available until after Monday.  How ridiculous is that? 

Our travels were pretty bad fog wise.  Thank goodness for radar.  You will notice the pic above giving the distance we could see around us.  We travelled like this for over 4 hours.

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May 302011

So here we are at Day 5 in a little place called Cuddyhunk Marina in Gosneld, MA and still waiting for the fog to lift.  The locals say that the south wind brings the warm air up and along with it comes fog.  We monitor the weather stations on a continual basis and it seems we may have a window of opportunity to get moving this afternoon.  With about 1 nautical mile visibility the going will be slow. 

But the amazing thing about Day 4 is the fact that the cell phone worked in the middle of what is called Buzzards Bay, just off Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket area.  Pretty amazing!!!

Aiden and Scott took a stroll to explore the area outside the marina.  I didn’t go because my back is just not co-operating.  Ho hummmm.  Missing out on some stuff because of it.  Anyway they met up with a family who was on the beach fishing.  They had a couple kids age 6 and 8.  Aiden could be a kid again.  The fellow showed the guys how to hook a louer here in the ocean.  The louer was the size of a fish we would catch at home.  Apparently it mimicked a disabled “minnow”.  Minnow!! Have to laugh at that due to the size of the thing.  The fish were jumping all over the place to get the louer.  Finally, when one was hooked the fellow handed Aiden the line and asked him to reel it in.  When Aiden got in on land it was almost 3/4 his size.  About 15 pounds of bluefish.  It is so damp here that Scott didn’t take the camera.  So the guy took a pic with his camera and will be sending it to Scott via email.  The kids played for awhile.  The fellow brought Scott and Aiden back to his home and gave them yesterday’s catch of bluefish and a bonus of striped bass.  So tonight’s dinner will be fresh, grilled bluefish on the barby.  Bass is in the freezer. 

We knew we would have some delays but didn’t expect it to be fog.  Rain, maybe, mechanical issues, probably, but fog??  Really?? 

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May 302011

So we managed to get underway at 1:30 on Day 4 (waiting for that rebuilt alternator) in what should have been a easy trek south to the mouth of Long Island Sound.  What should have taken 1 hour to get to took 3 hours in the dense fog that rolled in while we were on the Atlantic Ocean.  Being newbies, in a new boat, and then lost our radar and only about 50 feet visibility we had to call Steve at work to find a marina close by.  As we made our way into shore barely coasting along and the nerves settling, we realized that we may be held up for a time. Hello  Cuttyhunk Marina.

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