Aug 142015

We left the hidden gem of Hickman Creek, at Fort Donelson, to go to Harpeth Island to stay on the hook once again. This is our favourite way of boating. To stay on the hook for several nights and see so much nature, history or whatever the destination has to offer us makes boating.

We travelled down the Cumberland River to Cheatham Lock. It was a slow lock to fill and took about a half hour to lock through. Darn it’s hot here. Sitting on the bow waiting to lock up with a lifejacket on just makes the job so much more difficult. I always come back on the boat and down a water and take off the T shirt that is now soaked.

After Cheatham Lock we find mile 153 on the Cumberland River and enter to our starboard down a narrow area of about 25 feet deep to an open pool of water 7 feet deep. There we anchor. It’s a busy place with several day tripper boaters passing through to go further up this small alcove to beautiful rock bluffs.

We drop Low Voltage and take her up the river further. It’s so peaceful with those 300 foot rock bluffs towering on one side and low lying farm land on the other. The boaters here consider this one of the most beautiful anchor spots available on the Cumberland River.  We pass a campground and also pass under a bridge. The water runs slowly so there is debris but nothing the dingy can’t handle. This little river runs a long way so we turn around after about a half hour and slowly make our way back to Conductance.

It’s a comfortably hot afternoon. The sounds of locusts is deafening as it has been everytime we stop here in the the warmer south. We are now only about 40 miles from Nashville. We meet a wakeboard boat and chat them up for awhile. The young fellas just started wakeboarding about 3 months ago. So of course I had to let them know about Scott’s history with boarding. As a past Provincial Champion (yes, I’m proud of him for that accomplishment) he answers all their questions and gives them some tips. They were a lot of fun.

We stay up long enough to hear the sounds of the day enter into the sounds of the night with frogs croaking and locusts going to sleep. The stars are not as bright tonight being so much closer to Nashville and more light pollution. We did have a stunning sunset and shortly after that we head to bed for a good night’s sleep.

Tomorrow is NASHVILLE!!!


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