Aug 152015

Today marks the last night of our journey.  Leaving Harpeth Island with only about 40 miles left to go it is bittersweet.  I know we will all miss the calm and serenity of these little anchor spots.  The adventure will continue but in a different way as Conductance will sit in her marina slip for approximately one year.  But before that happens we will visit Nashville, TN.  There is a 500 ft city dock available for dockage.  It is by reservation but in our opinion not run well.  I called the number several days ago for the reservation and asked to make one and was politely told that I was not guaranteed a spot even if I made a reservation.  The transients and how they park their boats determines how many boats are on the dock.  There is no harbourmaster and no one is watching the dock.  So we decide to go and see what is up as this makes no sense whatsoever.

Anyway while we travel to Nashville we pass very narrow areas of the river.  It had been dug out by hand in solid rock from when they first decided to connect this river for commerce.  Barges and their tows make their way this way so it must be wide enough for those big puppies.  We didn’t pass one barge and tow on this portion of the narrow winding river.  I’m certain it would have been fine…tight, but fine.  The scenery is still beautiful with the trees and stone on both banks.  Farm land is here too in the low areas of the Nashville Basin, as it’s called.  We must travel a portion of this river for 10 miles that as a crow flies is only 1 mile.  The river winds and turns so much that the boater must takes the long way.

We get closer to Nashville and now can see the AT & T building.  It is referred to as the Batman Building.  You’ll see why in the pics.  The dock has power and water and only one boat on it.  As we get settled we can see a storm brewing in the sky.  We got Conductance all set up with power and water and started to talk about this reservation thing as we had lunch.  The fellow on the phone said we had to leave as the entire dock was full.  One boat and it is full.  Apparently they are all on their way.  So we talk with the other boater.  She said that she has been coming here for decades and has never seen this dock full in any of the years.  Hmmmm.  So we decide to take a walk into the city and see the sites and pop back to the boat to see what is going on.  Apparently Tim McGraw is playing at the Bridgestone Arena.  The city streets are bustling with people everywhere.  Walkers, bikes, and bikes with several people riding on them and a bartender serving drinks with a sober driver at the front of the cart driving.  The drinkers pedal to keep the cart moving.  Lots of fun and singing going on.  Next girls trip has to be here.  There are horse drawn buggies, bike rentals, golf cart rentals, a train to get you around to the different sites, busses.  Any means that you need is available.  Bars are also abundant.  The party never stops and it is only 1:00 pm.  It’s also raining but rain here in the south lasts about 10 minutes and it’s done.

We took the time to stop at a convenience store as we are all out of beer and bread.  Two essentials on a hot day.  We also head over to the State Building which Nashville is the State’s Capitol.  It is a beautiful stop with history and architectural style.  The museum is there as well and built in the same era as the Capitol building.  We saw Coyote Ugly Bar, the 3 storey, fully packed and famous Honky Tonk Bar.  We walked by the Ryman Building which was the original Grand Ole Opry where Elvis and many others performed.  The Johnny Cash museum and so many more.  Too much to see in just one afternoon and evening.

We did end up staying on the dock with 2 boats for the evening.  A far cry from the 500 ft full dock that we were told.  Both of those boats did not expect to be there either.  One was broke down with engine trouble and the other boat was the mechanic’s boat.  Not sure how this place runs but they really should take a lesson from the little town of North Tonawanda, NY.

Scott took some shots of the city at night.  Aiden was exhausted and headed to bed.  Tomorrow we travel to our home for the next year where Conductance will have some maintenance done and a good thorough cleaning.

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