Jul 132013

We traveled through only 2 locks today to get here but spent about 5 hours on the water.  Doesn’t matter though as the weather is cooperating and the skies are blue.  Same old, same old on the Erie Canal at this point.  We reached Holley which is really the last nature style port before we start into the industrial style port of tomorrow.

Holley had so many surprises for us.  A beautiful park complete with a pond and fountain.  Bike paths, walking paths and nature paths through the woods.  We managed to find a gorgeous waterfall at a park just after the canal park.  With water so high this year she was flowing with tons of water.  Aiden and Scott couldn’t wait to explore.  They found their way around the waterfall to the top and then down the other side.  Now they are out on another nature walk to explore even more history.  An original train station is still here and is now a museum, but it is closed.  Next time hopefully we’ll have the opportunity to visit there.  There will be a next time.  This sleepy little town has all you need.  The terminal wall has water and electric with gorgeous views and parks.  Very quiet.  The grocery store for supplies is a mere 5 minute walk to town.  Although it is shut down for Saturday it is interesting to see all the old buildings from the original canal days.

Tomorrow we travel to Tonawanda and keep Conductance there yet again.  Our yard is still a flood zone and the grass is dying there so to keep her clean she’ll have to stay in Tonawanda.  It is so close for Scott for work anyhow.

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